How Leveraging Online Tech Can Jump Start your Business

Using technology of all sorts is practically unavoidable anymore. Especially in business.


That is why learning how to best leverage it for your particular needs is incredibly important. Using the right tech in the right ways at the right time can save you both time and money.

“But wait, my tech gives me such a headache,” you say.

woman frustrated at laptop.

I know better than many just how frustrating and headache-inducing working with Tech can be. And that is why rather than throwing my hands up in frustration, I doubled down and vowed to “Tame that tech”.

So now I am going to share with you a few tips to best leverage online tech to really jumpstart your business.


1. Not every piece of software is for you and your business.

I cannot stress this enough. In order to leverage a piece of software in your business to save time and money, it needs to be one that fits your needs.  If you’re just starting out in the online space, you probably don’t need that $3,000 software with all the bells and whistles. Likely the setup and configuration alone will take you more time than you want to spend on it, and that’s not including the time you need to get used to using it!!



2. If there’s a free trial, use it!

This circles back to my first point. Where possible, try before you buy. That will give you an idea of if you even like the software and if it will fit the needs of your business. Many online programs offer free trials now, some even offer forever free accounts depending on the features you need to use.



3. Looks aren’t everything

When choosing what tech to implement in your business, make sure to choose one based on the features that you WILL use. I love a great aesthetic as much as the next gal, but if its all sparkles and confetti without any power behind it, then likly you are just going to get frustrated with it and it won’t work for you. (on the other hand, if you find a great tool that’s functional AND pretty, well you’ve found something special there)

So make sure that when you’re shopping for your tech to not discount the ugly duckling, or automatically choose the prettiest because while looks are nice, functionality is going to trump “pretty” when your knees deep in your business and need that tech to pull its weight.



4. Don’t skimp on your initial time investment

The online space moves so fast, and when you’re ready to go, you want to hit the ground running. But I cannot stress enough how important it is that when you implement new tech in your business, especially when it comes to online software, that you lay down a solid foundation for organization and processes from the get-go. This will save you so much stress.

Really learn how to use your product. Don’t just use their tutorials either, go onto Youtube and find some examples of the software in action (especially if you didn’t do this prior to buying it). Once you have a handle on the basics of how your tech functions, you want to make sure to implement a system of organization. Whether that’s a Google sheet you track everything on, or nested folders and special naming conventions, come up with an organizational system that works for you so that you don’t end up don the road in a year spending hundreds of dollars and countless time trying to not only get your tech to work, but sifting through all of the old content you’ve created in it to figure out what is what (this is especially true when it comes to email marketing systems)


5. If you get stuck, hire a professional

Lastly, a huge key to implementing tech in your business and keeping it going is when you run into roadblocks and you’re ready to throw in the towel, bring in a professional.  They will be able to help you sort out what is what, get you on track with what needs to be done and what standard operating procedures need to be put in place going forward.

But most of all, the amount of time you will save by bringing in someone who knows what they’re doing and can get your tech working for you or as a last resort (or maybe a first step) recommend tools that may better suit your needs and even get them set up for you, is absolutely invaluable for your business.